Finmas = more fin

These are high volume fins.

They create more drive, traction & agility.

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Finmas also means more fins for more people!

Finmas designs can be 3D printed.

Learn about how this can empower surfers in developing world areas.

The Finmas project is multi-faceted.
  • NEW: This introduces new dimension of design for surfboard fins.
  • PERFORMANCE UPGRADE: These are the first high-performance fins available for the Wavestorm and soft surfboards or foamies in general.
  • SAFER: Unlike standard fin designs, these fins are high volume and have wider, duller edges. This actually improves fin performance in standard surf conditions.
  • EMPOWERING: These are currently the only fin designs that are strong enough to be surfed when made on a 3D printer. Work is underway to make them digitally available so that people in developing world areas can begin to make their own fins, in doing so gaining better access to essential surf equipment while developing new skills and potentially a new source of income.
  • REVOLUTIONARY: While there are many details put into foils on surfboards, this has not yet been the case for surfboard fins. There are thousands of publicly available, highly developed foils crafted by teams of engineers, and many of them can be used in surfboard fins to create more speed, control, agility and new types of flow! I have second and third generation fin designs in development.

Normal fins are thin with poor foil shapes. Finmas fins have great foil shapes and more volume for more thrust, traction and agility.