3D Print Your Fins

Welcome to a new era where you can whip up a replacement fin any time you need.

%3 of profits are given to the Surfy.Surf DAO, where funds can be spent advancing maker space kits, eventually creating little bots that can begin cleaning our seafloors (and grab broken fins).

  1. 3D Print Your Fins
  2. Participate in the Global Fin Market
  3. How to 3D Print These Fins


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Foil fins: The MegaWatts

THE MEGAWATTS (experts only, wings on side fins) Massive power boost. Side fin+wing generates vortex thrust, which the center fin (or trailers) the amplifies. These are the…

The Megalodon fins

Dims: 6.3"T 4.5"B 2.7"S 0.81"W Vol: 72mL / 243mL-270mL Foils: Main[Full concave], Wing[High pivot, semi-symmetrical] Based on the drivey American sailplane foil the NACA 6409, the Megalodons…

The Daemon fins

Dims: 6.3"T 4.5"B 2.7"S 0.81"W Vol: 72mL / 243mL-270mL Foil: Main[Full concave, outward twist] The Daemons use an airfoil developed by MIT for human-powered flight. There is…

The Kaijin fins

Main fins use the same foil as the wing on the Megawatts. Not your normal fin! Used as a main fin the feeling you get is they're…