About the fins and the project

 Finmas is a project that's about two things first:

• Promote these 3D printable fins in a way that empowers surfers in new world economy areas to gain affordable access to better, safer fins. 
• Establish enough sales to empower me to continue exploring fin design using airfoils, CAD and next generation foil concepts.

About Me

 My name is Todd S Anderson, I have a background in computer engineering, lifeguarding and many other trades. I have been surfing since 1994. I've always had a desire to use my technical skills to work on things that are interesting to me and empowering to others.
 For example, I helped Beeline Reader launch by creating their first working app demonstrating the Beeline Reader technology on pages viewed by a web browser. This reading technology is suprisingly simple and increases reading speed by about %30. You can support my efforts here by introducing a law firm or similar business to Beeline Reader, mentioning my name (I get a commission on sales).
 On the late 2000s I worked T9Space, helping transform the service from a website known for empowering people with mobile phones to use MySpace and other social networks, to being a web browser mobile phone users could trust to deliver them the web using an efficient amount of data in a timely manner. We were very popular all over the world, espcially in New World Economy areas because we gave quick, affordable access to much of the internet only accessable by desktop computers at the time.

Insta: Finmas.Surf 
(also my original fins account: StormFins)

If you prefer to get updates via email, send an email to be added to the Finmas newsletter:

shredmail [at]