The Daemon fins

Dims: 6.3"T 4.5"B 2.7"S 0.81"W
Vol: 72mL / 243mL-270mL
Foil: Main[Full concave, outward twist]

The Daemons use an airfoil developed by MIT for human-powered flight. There is an outward twist added to the fin from base to tip, giving you much more fluid turns and a forgiving yet fast & reliable hold on very hollow sections. These fins, the Megalodons and Megawatts all feature side fin foils that use a prominent concave from base to tip, creating a lot of lift vectored forward when they move through the water.

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Buy Finmas digital fin files Find the fin gcode you want to print. (thruster set, twin set, individual fin) Prepare your printer, start the print.