Finmas Technology

 Finmas uses higher volume, new foils and better angles of attack to give you fins that create more speed, acceleration, control and agility. If your surfboard choices were similar to the fins you get to pick from, they'd all be 2" thick and the only bottom concaves you could pick from would be flat, or light single concave. The fins you see here on this website are a first generation of designs that work with higher volumes, new airfoils, and even more toe and cant.

Finmas is also an example of a high quality surf product that can be 3D printed. Not only do these fins do more for your surfing, these fins also represent a first example of something that can provide better access to surfing for people in developing world areas.

 In developing world areas, surfboards can be relatively easy to obtain. Once you have a surfboard, you can surf but you're going to hope your fins never break. Fins are not easy to come by, and in any place they are available, they're expensive.

More Volume

Finmas fins are thicker than standard fins.
  • More fin volume creates more lift.
  • Fins use lift for speed, traction and flow.
  • Up to 3x thicker than standard fins.

New Foils

Finmas uses new foils:
  • The Megas use concave to create tons of drive.
  • The Kaijans let you drift while setting big, carving lines.
  • The Daemons have concave and twist, for drive and hooking turns.

Easier Paddling

Finmas creates thrust while you paddle. Do it with one arm! The Megalodon Fins for Wavestorms and foamies.

Safer Drops

Bigger, rounded edges! These fins even give you drive and traction in the air. 

Better Turns

More thrust for your turns! You deserve more from your fins and Finmas delivers.

Catch More Waves

Reach planing speed earlier, launch into waves easily, land steeper drops.

Fly Through Tubes

Stand through heavy tubes more easily, let your fins do the work!

Hit Lips Harder

Extra thrust from your fins helps you go hit it too.