I'm not trying to get you to buy these fins by using flashy colors or some crazy new outline. These fins simply represent some solid new entries that step into three categories that have gone unexplored for too long:

° New Airfoil Patterns
° Higher Volume Shapes
° Hydrofoil Wings

These new airfoils provide lift that's aimed forward and into the wave, giving you more drive and traction. Normal fins's foils send their lift sideways, which helps for fins-free maneuvers but not much else.

Higher volume fins have a power-band that covers a larger area of the speeds we enjoy while surfing. Standard fins are all the same thickness (volume) and therefore have a power-band that kicks in only at the highest levels of speed! If you're surfing J-Bay, Pipeline or Desert Point, you want this to be true, but if you're surfing most any other surf spot, you're going to have more fun with the thicker fins you're only going to find here at Finmas.

Hydrofoil wings add a new dimension of thrust and control to our surfing. They make the board more responsive under your feet, provide way more drive, glide and grip and let you lay your board down on its rail more reliably - send your board past vertical!

The MegaWatts

Super Drive; Heavy Concave, Kaijin Foils

The MegaWatts have the most lift, power and hold. These are my third generation of fin designs. 

MegaWatts Fin Set fits Wavestorms, Foamies and Future Fins

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The Megalodons

Max Drive; Heavy Concave

The Megalodons did have the most power among this first generation of my fin designs, but now the Megawatts do thanks to the wings I added.

Megalodons Fin Set fits Wavestorms, Foamies and Future Fins
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The Daemons

Aggressive Turns; Flared foils

The Daemons are suited for agile turning and handling very heavy conditions.

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