Foil fins: The MegaWatts

THE MEGAWATTS (experts only, wings on side fins)

Massive power boost.
Side fin+wing generates vortex thrust,
which the center fin (or trailers) the amplifies.

These are the first of my fin designs that use hydrofoil wings.  similar to what you'd find under a foil board.
The fins' wings have a combined wingspan of 9" and 10".
Asymmetric sets available (9" heel-side, 10" toe-side)

This is the Megawatt Class for two reasons.

  1. You get MASSIVE power gain with these wings added to my original fin designs.
  2. Normal fins add hundreds of watts of power to your board; my original fins here add Kilowatts of thrust and these fins add Megawatts of thrust!

Buy a twin set for Wavestorms $49Buy a twin set for FuturesFins $49
Buy a thruster set for Wavestorms $59Buy a thruster set for FuturesFins $59

I may call them what I want but they're based off of airfoils that have their own names. Using CAD I'm able to orient these airfoils in radial patterns along the fin outlines you see. Doing this in CAD and 3D printing them makes it easy for me to experiment with various settings, such as cant, toe, thickness, chord to thickness ratio, multiple foils, wings and more. If you check out the Daemons you'll see an example of a category of fin design where a twist is built into the fin. I learned that from a guy who makes fins for  some of the Zicatela big wave chargers, Rich Sanders. You'll be seeing his fins on this site soon.

Thicker fins? Yes. Thicker fin profiles give you more volume, and more power by creating lift at lower speeds. This seems to work great in any waves I can find here around Santa Cruz. I tried them in Indonesia though, and they weren't fast enough. So there's your tradeoff. I'm giving you a lot more torque, horsepower, agility, traction and speed in California style waves. #TheseAreGameChangers #GameOverKooks #WeWin #SoftBoardsAreTheNewTrophyTrucks