Participate in the Global Fin Market

These fin designs I've created are the first examples of such that are strong enough for surfing when made by the common, affordable FDM 3D printer (+/- $300!).

This can be a big help to people in surf communities abroad, where a good wage is much harder to find! There are many ways you can help us bring this innovative and empowering technology to these places, for now I can ask you to do any of these things:

  • Become a member, own 3D printable fin files, print fins and share them with people who can benefit from this as well.
  • Participate in the member-powered Finmas fin market! Sell or even rent the fins you make to surfers visiting your area. 3% of all commissions is given to Surfy.Surf, a DAO charged with developing pathways towards cleaner oceans and streets by promoting the research, development and maker space sweat needed to create robots that can help us retrieve litter from roadsides and even under water.
  • Make memes about what's happening here in many languages, and help create translations for the website on the Finmas knowledge base powered by Netlify.

These fins aren't just making a new level of shredding available to us all, they're also the first examples of fin designs strong enough for surfing when made on the common FDM type 3D printer!

With Finmas gcodes you can print their own fins, and sell them here! Sell them for a competitive price, offer them for rent and even add your own crafty touch to sell them for premium and 'high art' prices! It's for the cause!